Hashtag BAM and Beyond

"The term Black American Music just acknowledges the culture from which it sprung forth. You don’t have to be Black to appreciate and play it anymore than you have to be Chinese to cook and eat noodles." - Nicholas Payton #BAM

That being said...

This weekend begins the sound of a fresh newness for BBP, West MI, and Beyond. The Brad Fritcher + trois will be grinding withPotato Moon's recording engineer, Fred Drachus (Junior's Farm Productions) at the Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp studio! Their instrumentation ranges from the traditional to the experimental, the melodies are fresh, and the rhythms new and alive. It makes Jazz fun again!

Grasshoppah & BBP fans, Brian Oberlin got a sneak peek at the material for this weekend and had this to say:

"The Architect, Brad A Fritcher (Brad Fritcher + trois) is certainly a musician’s musician. Imagine a collaboration with Grover Washington, Jr.Lee Morgan, and Danger Mouse; funky beats, slick chord changes, and melodic lines built on heavy jazz chops. In the sought after genre, the Architect is original and inventive above all else." – Brian Oberlin (Grasshoppah, Journeymen, BassMandolin, Oregon Mandolin Orchestra, River of the West Mandolin Camp, The Ger Mandolin Orchestra)

#BAM #staytuned

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