First thing you see...


It's my time to respect and understand the outside.

A world of confusion, first thing you see

Alvenius Genius Mixtapes

YO! Mixtapes download and player for new music by West Michigan's new skool HipHop artist Alvenius Genius

I am diggin #17 Purple right now

Welcome to My Concert Archive

Displaying 106 concerts from 1991-2009


ROTHBURY at Double JJ Ranch - Jul 2008

"July 2-5, 2008 I provided all of the food and drink for the "dressing rooms" backstage for all bands. I managed a booth for a local grocery store, and I ordered/delivered all of the fruits and vegetables for Natural Born Juicers. I also helped multiple other vendors including Primal Spirit Foods."

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I will have artist profiles for Brian Oberlin and Grasshoppah soon.  Please sign up on our mailing list for concert updates and general news.


B.L.I.S.S. Photography Website Complete

With the theme concept by Arcsin at and  web developement by Sü Smith at, we have laucnhed the beginning to unlimited possibilities for B.L.I.S.S. and B.B.P.  Brother Bear Productions would like to inroduce two new services; custom logo designs and I.A.M. (internet advertising management).

New Brother Bear Productions Logo 2009

2009-04-02 Promos & Logo for HipHop Artist Alvenius Genius

Online Connectivity

Okay folks, I believe that this list contains most places I can be connected to online. 

New Beginnings?

Wow what an adventure; Life. B.L.I.S.S. has been through the ringer in this ever changing economy. I ask myself sometimes if I should go back to an every day job.....if I should if I should let this poor economy win....NOPE! My admiration and exploration with my photography is much stronger than that.

Long lost Photoshoot of Bear recovered.

This photoshoot was intended for commercial concepts by David from and was taken back in 2006. Here is one that I like the most from that series....

Tuesday News 2009.4.14

Good Morning.  Today I think I will begin a daily blog journal.  I didn't sleep well.  My dreamspace is becoming extremely bizzare.  I woke up this morning realizing that I tried to outrun an Amtrack train.  Just before that I had a encounter with alligators or crocs.  In the second dream, I took my wife on a safari ride in our family van......again I had encounters with alligators or crocs blocking a section of roadway.  I usually don't dream due to lack of sleep.

Anyway, on a light note, I have week's of recordings to edit and archive of the new Grasshoppah, Brian Oberlin Solo, a rare Grasshoppah line-up with

Monday News 2009.4.13

Welcome friends. I am offering 20% off services and orders until July 31, 2009. Please feel free to also check out our new amazing website,, created by StarSunflower Studios. Don't forget to find us on Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live & Spaces, Yahoo Profiles, Myspace, Flickr, Photobucket, ModelCoast, ModelMayhem, Youtube, Google profiles & Maps, Yahoo Messenger, AIM,,, and

Check it out!Bear Yovino's Page - Indiepublic
Bear Yovino's Page on Indiepublic