First thing you see...


It's my time to respect and understand the outside.

A world of confusion, first thing you see

An eaten soul, spat in the sewer

Communication breakdown, impossible concentration

Frequent flyer, an early escape

Regretted action


Man stood trial, deadly words of wisdom

Cause and effect, immoral explanations

Redemption, complaint of life

Digest the past, commitment to stand

To lift my face from the sand

Sing with the birds

Understand my new language

Portrait of friends, his heart survived

Swelling of the mindTears of reason, so sick to admit

Vomit to the sound, I'm still on the ground

Will I ever wake up from this dream of early death?

A fagot, Red lantern

Acid love, Panda bear smile

A horny toad with piss in your hand

A world of confusion

First thing you see.



an honored quality

his destiny


witches, devils, angels

in the forest of anger


a rude response

the end of a cliff

no rope

a herd in your direction


try to compromise

speak like them


time is running out

bad position

situation erased

a blood soaked earth

Stop the violence.

© 1994-2009 Bear Yovino

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